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Two weekends ago, the orientation team armed themselves with snacks, business casual dress, and pads of paper. We then interviewed many well-qualified students for spots on the orientation team. This whole process took about 16 hours over the weekend. It was fun because many of my friends interviewed, but that also made it not so fun because I knew making the decision would be hard.

This weekend, the orientation team started collaborating and making decisions. We started on Saturday by going to Taylor’s tennis tournament to support her (she is in charge of special populations in regards to orientation) then we went to our advisor’s house for dinner and decision making time. Though I can’t reveal what we talked about, I will say that I love Lois Cogdill’s cat, the lavosh (a new delicacy cracker pizza thing I got to try), and the cake we ate from a crock pot.

The next day, we headed to the Ramada in Fargo to work in the conference room. Again, I can’t reveal what we talked about, but I will say that I feel extremely bonded to my committee. We are such an unconventional group of people – yet we work together so well. Though we come from such different backgrounds, we have mutual respect for each other. I can’t wait to see what our orientation team will look like next year.

The conference room we had the pleasure of using! You can see me in the middle workin' the sweat pants on a Sunday morn.

The conference room we had the pleasure of using! You can see me in the middle workin’ the sweat pants on a Sunday morn.

  1. Real Macaroon says:

    Eating cake from a crock pot sounds yumz!

  2. mjohns65 says:

    It was so good!

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