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A cool little photo spot!

A cool little photo spot!

The past weekend seemed so long ago, and yet I remember vividly the day of the annual Alley Fair – a sunny, hopeful day that pushed through the rainy afternoon. How do I know? I was there.

Alley Fair is hosted in one of downtown Fargo’s many (you guessed it!) alleys. The concept is simple – transform our old ideas of what alleys are. The fair invited numerous local businesses and start-ups to the alley (this year, located behind the Red Raven Expresso Parlor), where patrons can browse rustic-style prints and cards, look over beautiful earrings made from scrap leather, or donate to a wonderful cause (for example, Plants 4 Patients!).

Anna and I arrived just in time to watch a great yo-yo performance. This guy was dancing, jumping, and twirling while he maneuvered a yo-yo around his body. Talk about skill! The crowd really enjoyed him, and I hope he enjoyed himself too.

I also tried out a very creative ice cream flavor at the fair, called “White Chocolate Lemon”. The company, Milk Haus Ice Cream, combines different flavors and hand-makes all of their push-pops. It was very delicious, and definitely something I’d like to see grow in the area. Fargo has really boomed since I was a child, and I’m excited to see what other creative things come of it!

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