… wait, I was supposed to do what?

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I also got distracted by all the filters I could have applied to this picture. Yeah.

I also got distracted by all the filters I could have applied to this picture. Yeah.

Why is it that when I have the most to do, I get the most distracted?

I fully intended to get this paper done when I decided to hang out with my friend Smokey (Tanner). It made sense in my mind, because we both have stuff we need to get done.

Yeahhhhhh. Here’s what actually happened:

  • We competed for a solid 45 minutes over TriPeaks Solitaire. He beat me. Like, twice. Which I still don’t understand because I had just showed him how to play the game.
  • I added seven new “successful school habits” pins to my College Pinterest. A couple were about studying for a test, and the others were about writing good quality term papers (I’m aware of the irony, thanks).
  • Listened to a parody of “All About That Bass” that made me even more uncomfortable than the original, but that might just be because the singing was a little flat.
  • Checked my phone to make sure that it was still time-locked so I could be productive. I have this app that lets be block certain other apps from working (like Snapchat, Instagram, Trivia Crack, etc.) so I don’t get distracted (…).
  • Talked about my dog. I miss that ugly ball of fur like nobody’s business.
  • Considered walking to McDonald’s for sweet tea. Because I’M OUT. L
  • Checked the temperature. Above freezing, so I might still go.
  • Tried to convince Smokey to let me paint his nails. My attempt was unsuccessful.
  • Finally asked why people call him Smokey. He’s a fan of BBQ – a big enough fan to make the hall smell like ribs for a month.
  • Internally cried because I have way too much to do. Oops.


Okay, so I obviously need to work on my focusing skills. And I totally will. After I go get my sweet tea. Yeah.

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