We No Longer Live in Filth

Posted on Sunday, January 4th, 2015 by Austin Gerth

We've replaced the TV with a board game called "Chicken Caesar."

We’ve replaced the TV with a board game called “Chicken Caesar.”

Over the course of fall semester our apartment went from looking not unpleasantly “lived-in” to looking like it had been inhabited and subsequently abandoned by a family of raucous bears with a thing for Super Nintendo games. It’s not that any of us wanted to live in such reprehensible conditions, it’s just that we were usually busy with other stuff.

But I arrived on campus this afternoon to find our apartment nearly unrecognizable: the floor was clean, the table was cleared off, there was less stuff on the counter, and our TV was… gone (?). A tell-tale Swiffer wet jet stood in the corner near our kitchen table.

I learned shortly from my roommate Connor that our other roommate, Zach, had cleaned the apartment over break. I also learned that this cleaning had been planned and announced by Zach before break had even started, I had just somehow missed it or not heard. And apparently Zach’s bringing in a different TV as well, our other one not having been up to snuff.

As I strolled the apartment, unpacking and putting things away, however, I noticed that not everything was clean: only the common spaces and Alex and Zach’s room. Feeling full of productive zeal, I decided to do some cleaning of my own. I grabbed the thing of disinfectant wipes from the kitchen table and set to work cleaning the sink in mine and Connor’s bathroom, which was one of the worst parts of the apartment. Just a few minutes of work did a world of good. The apartment now looks ready for another semester.

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