Here We Go Again

Posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 by Katie Beedy

Transitions are hard. When I went home for Christmas break it took me a few days to get used to my old friends, my family, and my bed (I couldn’t sleep at night- it was almost too comfortable). Eventually,

Some of the new additions to my shelf.

Some of the new additions to my shelf.

everything started to feel normal again; I got used to showering in a private bathroom, waking up to a full pot of coffee, and watching entire seasons of Parks and Rec with friends that I hadn’t seen in months.

Now I’m back at school and I have to transition again. I can’t sing in the shower, I have to set alarms, and I have to try to remember which inside jokes my friends here on campus will understand. Those two weeks were a tease, and now I find myself missing the comfort of my home more than ever.

Yesterday, in an awkward post-break and pre-semester lull, I decided to assuage my homesickness with a bit of deep cleaning and redecoration. I moved the furniture in my corner of the room into countless formations until it felt right, hung new pictures and posters on my wall, filled the shelves above my desk with a new assortment of books, and scrubbed and swept every surface. I’m quite satisfied with the result; I found a balance between the comfort of home and the exhilaration of change. I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on this new semester with new energy to match my new decor. I’m ready to transition.

The singing in the shower thing, though. That might take some more time.

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