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Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 by Ali Froslie

A typical practice room...

A typical practice room…

One of the great things about Concordia is you do not have to be a music major or minor of any sort to participate in music or ensembles.

For instance, even as an English writing major, I am happily a part of Cantabile, the freshmen woman’s choir. While music majors are definitely present in our choir, I know many fellow singers who are majoring in something different too. It makes for a nice blend of people and is a great way to meet other people you might not otherwise!

Two pianos!

Two pianos!

However, while I do love choir, I have been very much enjoying another component of the music department these past few weeks. I have played piano for the majority of my life now, and coming to college made it much more difficult to find a time and place to practice. Luckily for me, there are many practice rooms available in Hvidsten Hall for all for student use, music and non-music majors alike. All are equipped with at least one piano (some have two!), mirrors, and some have computers as well. This semester I have made it a priority to get over there and practice, and I have not regretted one second of my time in the practice rooms. It’s very relaxing to have some time alone, just the piano(s) and I, to concentrate on this art form of which I have grown quite fond.

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