Why do Americans Love Wings?

Posted on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 by Sage Thornbrugh

Sweet barbecue and honey barbeque are my two favorite types of wings on offer at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Sweet barbecue and honey barbeque are my two favorite types of wings on offer at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What is it about sauce and/or seasoning-covered chicken wings that makes Americans lose their mind?

I can’t say that I’m immune to the craze. Ever since my discovery of Buffalo Wild Wings two years ago, I have indulged myself in their delicious wings usually once every couple of months or so. But, coming from Germany, I can safely say that wings have not become such a passion in most European countries.

So why does the United States love wings? Buffalo Wild Wings often preaches its wings, sports, and beer slogan as if it is one of the ten commandments. And who is to say it isn’t (for them, at least)? I cannot think of a single U.S. citizen that I know of that does not like having beer and wings while watching sports games. Often times, all three of those aspects will incite competition between people: I can drink more beer than you, I can eat more wings than you (or hotter wings than you), and my sports team is better than yours!

I think that’s why Americans love wings. Because they come with competition, and competition is built into the blood of most of the Americans that I know.

I, personally, just love wings because they’re delicious. If they weren’t so unhealthy, I would eat there much more frequently. But for now I’ll just stick to eating Buffalo Wild Wings every once in a while.

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