My Favorite Concert of the Tour

Posted on Saturday, March 7th, 2015 by Mikayla Bergeron

_20150211_133326When the tour is almost over, and we are heading back to Minnesota, is when I get the most excited. The concert in the Twin Cities is always one of the largest crowds because it is packed full of our family members. This crowd always draws out the last little bit of energy we have left as a choir because we want to perform the best here.

This year I will have a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. I will have mother, step-father, older brother, older sister, grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle and friends of the family plus more depending on the rest of my siblings.

The other nice part about having a concert in the Twin Cities is knowing I will be able to spend a night in my own bed. After this concert all of the students will disperse with their families and spend a night at home before meeting up in the morning to catch the bus back to Moorhead. After traveling so much on tour, the best ending is spending a night at my own house filled with my favorite people. I certainly am looking forward to spending I night at home and surrounded by my family.

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