Cobber Soccer Tourney

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 by Ben Deetz

The participants in the 2015 Concordia Indoor Soccer tournament.

The participants in the 2015 Concordia Indoor Soccer tournament.

Every year, the men and women of the Concordia Soccer program unite to have an indoor tournament between the two teams. Captains are selected, and they pick teams of both men and women to play for their squad in the tourney. This year was my second time participating in the tournament, and both times have been really fun, although I definitely enjoyed this year more. The tournament is played in Olson in the span of a few hours on a Sunday. First, there is a round robin stage. Based on the results from the round robin, seeds are entered into a bracket and the tournament section begins. Last year, my team never won a round robin games. This year, my team also went win-less in the round robin games.  The difference between the two years for my team was the elimination rounds. Last year, we unfortunately found ourselves eliminated in the first round, which was very depressing. This year, I feared a similar outcome as we went into the knockout stage as the bottom seed, meaning we played the top seed. However, our fate was much different this time around. We went on to win out and reach the championship game. Unfortunately, the Cinderella story was not meant to be, and we lost the championship. I was pretty content with second place, and had a really good time playing soccer with the Concordia soccer family.

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