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The 'Legacy Gift' that Erickson's current 5th Floor RA gave to me. It's filled with all kinds of stuff, because, as Kayla put it, "You never know what might come in handy!"

The ‘Legacy Gift’ that Erickson’s current 5th Floor RA gave to me. It’s filled with all kinds of stuff, because, as Kayla put it, “You never know what might come in handy!”

I. Am. So. Excited.

If you haven’t read a certain few – *cough, cough* any –  of my posts about being a student here, let me summarize: I LOVE IT. It’s awesome. And I have loved sharing my experiences as a first year Niblette with everyone I meet, but I especially love sharing them with prospective students. Why? Honestly, because while there is a less than 1% chance that any of these students are as clueless about college as I was, I want to inform them of everything.

I probably toe the ‘overboard’ line. I sometimes start to worry that I’m setting the bar too high – and then I remember that this is Concordia and it’s the best place on the planet and I calm down.

Mainly, though, it’s been me just telling my side of the story, and stopping there. It’s great, but for the longest time I just wanted more for all those potential Niblets and Niblettes out there! How could I be more for them?

And then, being the magical place that this campus is, I started seeing posters about joining the ResLife team as a Resident Assistant.

As the great and inspiring Ron Stoppable always said: BOOYAH.

Before, it was just “This is my story, and your story is going to be great, too!” Now I get to help make their stories great!!

Being a member of the ResLife team is an opportunity that I am so grateful for – especially since my turf is the always epic Erickson Hall. I’ve got so many people around me and resources at my fingertips – it’s crazy, but amazing, because I know that with a team like this, you just can’t lose!

While some people are asking “Is it almost time for summer?” I’m asking, “Is it almost time for training!?”


P.S. Questions about ResLife? I gotchu, compadre. Click the link!


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