‘Til the Next Round

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This is one of my favorite action shots of all time. It's partially because it's a great shot, and partially because I'm doing so many things right mechanically that I haven't been for, oh, ever. #ThemEyesThough

This is one of my favorite action shots of all time. It’s partially because it’s a great shot, and partially because I’m doing so many things right mechanically that I haven’t been for, oh, ever.

My first collegiate softball season is in the books, folks.

It ended Monday night, with an 8-5 win over Division II Bemidji State University. It felt good to close out the season with a win like that, and it felt just as nice to finally put my streak of ‘OK’ games to rest. (I have to laugh at myself — I’m my own worst critic.)

It didn’t hit me right away that I had put on my uniform for the last time as a rookie. It didn’t hit me that I had played my last out, or hit my last ground ball of the season, until much later. It still kind of hasn’t. I feel like at any point in the next few days, I should be lacing up my cleats and donning my ‘war glitter’ again. But I won’t. Not for the Cobbs, anyway. Not until next spring.

Time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, though. I made so many friends on this team, and I have learned so much about myself. I’m happy to say that I will never hesitate to fight for every girl that I hit the field with. It was freshmen – because we’re obviously sticking together for the long haul – and upperclassmen alike. Our graduating senior captains, Ashley and Hillary, our graduating junior-and-a-half, Kellie, and all the Cobber ‘ballers have a special place in my heart. I’m beyond lucky to call these girls my softball sisters and o have shared this journey with them. From the fighting hard on field to impromptu talent shows, crazy pre-inning handshakes to team songs, I have enough memories to last me.. well, until the next time I hit the field with that jersey on.

‘Til our next round.

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