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My Student Center is student-less. Nope. Not okay. I do not like it one bit.

My Student Center is student-less.
Nope. Not okay.
I do not like it one bit.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. (Insert sad pun about the devastation of Finals Week leaving few survivors.)

Where did all my Cobbers go??

Oh, wait. Hang on – It’s all coming back to me now.. I decided.. to… to stay here. Over the summer. Summer? As in summer break??

Yeah, newsflash to me. People don’t actually do that a lot. Or at least 99.7% of my campus certainly does not. Campus right now is just.. so… well, empty.

I hugged Tina as long as I could – and then I watched her drive off. I helped Abby reorganize her belongings-stuffed little car to perfection (no, I seriously did that great of a job) – and then I watched her drive off.

The calmness and quiet of my surroundings has given me perspective on something. Do you remember how worried you were as as incoming freshman? Not worried, maybe.. but did anything give you pause? I feel like at least half of the time, we’re being told and taught how to handle a situation that has already gone wrong. I was prepared to have a roommate I may not totally like. I was prepared to deal with any potential heartbreaks, failures, and various negatives that could come my way.

No one told me how to handle all the positives. I ended up with an awesome roommate. My heart was filled with new friendships. I was exposed to just an inkling of my potential with all of my opportunities this past year. All I did was blink, move in, blink, have my entire freshman year, and blink again before it was gone.

Um. I don’t like that.

So as I sit here in my dorm room, cozy and anxious for when I can finally move into the townhouses, I am going to make myself a promise. While I cannot control how fast my sophomore year will inevitably fly by, I will try to cherish each and every unique moment. All of ’em. Even when I’m sick or have bad days in general. My sophomore year is going to be legendary – there’s no time for waiting.


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