Vroom, Vroom!

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That is the smile of a girl who has no idea how she ended up with the best parents in the world.

That is the smile of a girl who has no idea how she ended up with the best parents in the world.

I’m in my own carVroom, vroom!

That was a little Vine humor for ya. You’re welcome.

As some may have seen on the Instagram, the Facebook, or the Twitter, I was expecting a visit from my fam’s patriarch yesterday. Dad called me in the morning, saying he was headed to Lisbon, and he wanted to see me. I’m expecting a casual, afternoon drop-in, and really hoping he’ll buy me dinner. So I do a little laundry, take a shower, organize stuff to be packed, and other miscellaneous mini-chores. He texts me that he’s here, and I’m assuming he’ll come in, so I nix the idea of shoes. Who needs ’em?

So I walk out the East doors, and lo and behold, my father is walking up the sidewalk – with my mom. Now I’m really excited, because 1) I am definitely going out for dinner, and 2) MY MOMMY IS HERE. Fast forward, we hug, I’m like, “yay!” I receive a gift bag with a card and a CD in it. My mom was all, yeah, we got you a stereo for your townhouse, and you can play this, etc.

I’m touched already. Surprising me with my favorite woman was awesome. The card and the CD were so sweet. I’m just so happy, and then Mom says, “Do you want to see the stereo?” Yes, mother, whom I love so dearly. I do want to see the stereo.

FOR THE RECORD – and I did catch a little teasing for this later – I had absolutely, positively, zero clue what was about to happen. I just didn’t put any puzzle pieces together. Even though a car had been discussed previously, and there were so many other things that were just obviously not a coincidence, I was just way too caught up in the fact that Mommy and Daddy had surprised me with a card, and a CD, and dinner (whether they knew it at that point or not).

Now, I’m walking up to the back of what is clearly my dad’s Honda Civic, and he hands me a single key and says,

“No, the stereo’s in that car.” Referring to the magnificently maroon Toyota Avalon parked to the right.

In summary, my parents definitely rock, and I’ve been listening to Lady Antebellum all day.

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