Chill Times in Fargo-Moorhead

Posted on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 by Austin Gerth

This was my first time riding in a convertible with the top down. (Photo courtesy of Danyel Schneider.)

This was my first time riding in a convertible with the top down. (Photo courtesy of Danyel Schneider.)

The last month or so has been the first extended period of time I’ve spent in the Fargo-Moorhead area during the summer months, and, as I predicted a few blog posts ago, living in the area has been pretty nice (despite semi-frequent rain/cloudiness). I’ve been staying with some friends at a house two streets over from Concordia’s Livedalen parking lot. I’m home now but I’m reflecting. Having slept for the last few weeks–and I mean really slept, like slept well–on a basement floor, with my head six inches from the loaf of bread I used to make sandwiches every day, and having loved, purely and simply loved doing so, I feel I’ve grown as a person.

Summer on or around Concordia’s campus is proof positive that Cobbers do know how to loosen up. During the height of the school year everyone’s so busy running around that one could be forgiven for thinking our student population is composed entirely of ferociously productive, yet oddly (almost eerily) jovial busybodies, shuffling fast from building to building under bundles of winter stuff, pulled along by force of their own exhausted will. And all that’s not a bad thing: college is supposed to be a challenge, and Concordia is no exception.

But it’s nice to see some of those same harried faces brightened by sunlight and invigorated by the humbler battles of the summertime: working motley jobs–from retail to retirement home to research gigs like my own; bargain hunting; waging futile war on ants in rental housing; moving the kiddie pool to make room for the bonfire–above all everybody sort of hanging around. “Everything’s just so fine,” someone I know said the other day, and that about cuts to the heart of it. There is an element of waiting to the summer. But the trick is to realize that that waiting is a complete experience all by itself, that sometimes the best living is done in the spaces before and between the regions we tend to foolishly refer to as “real life,” as though the rest of our conscious time is somehow valueless.

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