The Unwanted Roommate

Posted on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 by Ali Froslie

Let's combat the creepy crawlies with this picture of my snow-covered dog.

Let’s combat the creepy crawlies with this picture of my snow-covered dog.

I’m scared of a lot of things.

Heights. Trains. Tornados. Bees. Pretty much everything irrational. However, there is one fear that rules over the rest. The King of My Fears. One that haunts my every step in the summer and makes me question if I really do want to go to Australia or the other warm places where the giants reside.

Yes. Let’s talk about spiders for a second, shall we?

I’m not entirely sure what or where my fear stems from. I used to like spiders. I used to have no problem observing them or getting right up close and personal to their webs. However, something at some point must have convinced my subconscious that these little beasts are out to get me. I have since become horribly, horribly afraid of spiders.

So, when a fat, juicy, black spider ran across my wall on Wednesday, I did what any courageous young person would do.

I ran to employ the best spider catcher known in these parts.

(also known as my dad)

And he courageously went to battle, armed with a handful of toilet paper. I waited at the bottom of the stairs, fully expecting him to emerge secondly later, triumphant. However, a minute passed and he was surprisingly silent.

I crept up the stairs and peaked into my room. “Did you get him?” I asked.

My dad was standing over by the window, looking around at his feet. “No,” he said. “He got away.”

“Wait… what do you mean he got away?”

So, I spent two days with one of the worst kinds of roommates ever… a very MIA spider. I constantly scanned the walls and the floors, my eyes keen and open to any sort of small dot or something that scuttled. The worst part was not knowing… not knowing where he or she was, not knowing when or if he would appear again.

I was almost happy to see him when he appeared again Friday evening. Yes, I can finally walk the floors of my room in security again. So, thank you, spiders, for ridding us of mosquitos and other creepy crawly bugs, but I would greatly appreciate it if you could do it at a distance. Please? I know they say you’re more scared of me than I am of you… no offense, but I’m not entirely sure that’s true.

Yours in fear, Ali.

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