I’m Just Gonna Talk About the New Beach House Album

Posted on Friday, September 11th, 2015 by Austin Gerth

Mmmm. Red velvet.

Mmmm. Red velvet.

I’ve been going to classes this week, and I’ve been doing my work diligently for those classes, but really the main thing that’s been occupying me lately is the new album by my favorite band (maybe), Beach House. It’s called Depression Cherry. It’s rad.

Beach House’s music is often described as “dream pop,” which is kind of an obnoxious term; I once told a friend  that “Beach House songs are like regular songs, but slower.” Which is still pretty accurate. They don’t change much from album to album; you sort of either get it or you don’t. That’s part of why they connect so deeply with some people (me).

Depression Cherry is the first album Beach House have issued while I’ve been in college. Their last, Bloom, from 2012, came out just as I graduated high school; listening to it now it still evokes a lot of old emotions I was feeling then, which I like, sometimes. I think that’s one of music’s best qualities, and that’s how a person can create a deep bond with it, is by pouring something into it while listening, something you can only get back by listening again, so that the act of listening to a piece of music you love becomes itself a form of emotional and intellectual expression, not only a passive activity. I hope most people find some medium or activity through which they are able to experience something similar.

I bought Depression Cherry on CD, which isn’t something I do everyday anymore; just downloading the thing the day it came out would have been much easier. But I wanted to hold the sleeve (which is covered in red velvet) and read the credits while I listened. And I wanted to be able to listen to the album in my car, which is pretty old and has no means of hooking up an iPod. I waited a long time for the CD, which took quite a while to ship from Amazon because I pre-ordered it. The disc arrived here late enough on a Friday, unfortunately, that my schedule didn’t allow me to pick it up before the post office closed for the weekend. So I had to wait till Monday to get ahold of it. And on Monday, I didn’t just pick it up and dump it into iTunes and listen inattentively while I finished my homework; no, instead I waited till after I was finished with everything for the night, and I got ready for bed. Then, just before I went to bed, I put the CD in my laptop and used an auxiliary cable to connect my laptop to my iPod dock (that way I was listening to the CD, not just loading it onto my computer and listening to the mp3 files), and I sat down with my headphones in and listened to the album straight through. After that I went to bed, happy with what the wait had brought me. All that stuff might strike you as unnecessarily ritualistic and strange, but it was all worth it to me. Sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something, and sometimes, it works.

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