My Star Wars Story

Posted on Friday, December 18th, 2015 by Austin Gerth

My Star Wars t shirt (thanks Rachel).

My Star Wars t shirt (thanks Rachel).

To anyone who, for whatever reason, reads this blog all the time: you have one week to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In one week I will write a blog post specifically about the film, giving you the official, unadulterated Austin Gerth opinion of the movie. This is not that post–read on freely, there will be no spoilers to be found, and no commentary, positive or negative, to color your perception of the movie before you see it if you, like many people, have not yet seen it. No, this post will not really even be about Star Wars; this post, like most of the others, is going to be about me. (Sorry.)

Let me paint a word-picture for you: my car wouldn’t start. We were parked at the Moorhead Center Mall at approximately 7:15pm, with seats H6 and H7 in auditorium 1 of West Acres Cinema reserved and awaiting our arrival for the 7:45 showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And, as I said, my car would not start. We, Rachel and I, had just eaten Indian/Nepali food at Everest Tikka House, thus completing phase one of our climactic, end-of-the-semester dinner and Star Wars date night. And my car wouldn’t start. How did we get to Star Wars?

We called Uber. Actually we called Uber and a regular taxi service simultaneously, but Uber’s estimated pick-up time was three minutes, in comparison to the taxi service’s 15-20. So we got picked up by an exceedingly kind man in a very nice car, and he drove us to West Acres with a quickness. He even gave us candy.

We went into the theatre, and I presented my credit card to retrieve our reserved tickets, and we watched Star Wars. How did we get home? We bummed a ride off some fellow Cobbers (shouts out to Natalie Dulka, Nick Brandt, and Matt who’s last name I didn’t learn for driving us back to campus. What became of my car? Rachel drove me back to the Moorhead Mall where it was parked, and I tried starting it, and it worked. I drove it back to campus, and I plan to drive it back to Princeton tomorrow afternoon. Go see Star Wars so we can talk about Star Wars.

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