Reuniting with Old Pals

Posted on Saturday, December 19th, 2015 by Ben Deetz

My best friend AJ modeling his sister's little dog.

My best friend AJ modeling his sister’s little dog.

One of my favorite things about Christmas break, aside from no class of course, is seeing both my family and old friends who I haven’t seen in while. I’ve accomplished a lot of that already, as I’ve spent a lot of time with my family doing things like going out to eat and watching movies, and have also spent some time hanging out with my best friend from high school. I still talk to him almost every day, whether it be texting, snapchatting, or talking over Playstation Network while playing together. Still, it’s nice to get together and catch up on things more personally when time allows for it. On Christmas Day, my family always makes the long drive to head to Mondovi, Wisconsin to see some family members, which is always nice to get the opportunity to do. It’s always nice to spend time with family as we don’t always get as much opportunity to do so as we would like. Once I get back from Wisconsin, I’ve got a dinner planned with not only my best friend but also a few guys from high school I haven’t seen since graduation- which will surely be fun and interesting. I am looking forward to it.

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