You don’t know you miss it, until you can’t have it.

Posted on Monday, January 11th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron

IMG_20160114_210348149While I was away for drill I had to miss a few classes as well as choir on Friday evening. With this being my fourth year in the guard I know that there will be times when I will have to miss classes to work. However, the hardest part for me is missing choir. I hate missing choir because I know how important it is to be present every day there is rehearsal. Even when I am not able to be at choir, the conductor and students are constantly working hard to make strides in their learning. So how do I keep up even when I am not able to be present? I take extra time outside of choir to ensure I am up to par with every note and rhythm being sung. I make it my priority to work hard on music inside and outside of choir. As well as missing rehearsal notes, I hate missing choir because I am missing out on an opportunity to make music with dedicated singers. Next year will be my final year with The Concordia Choir and I know I will have a hard time finding a group as dedicated and as talented as they are.

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