Jubilate Deo

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2016 by Katie Beedy

Isaac & I at the premiere!

Isaac & I at the premiere!

My boyfriend Isaac, whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts, graduated from Concordia last spring with a degree in music education. On top of teaching basic music to sixth graders and co-conducting the choirs at Sartell High School, Isaac also uses his education and obscene amount of talent to compose choral music. His potential did not go unrecognized by the music faculty at Concordia during his four years here; last May, just as Isaac was preparing for graduation, Dr. Michael Culloton asked him to compose a piece for a group called the Fargo-Moorhead Choral Artists.

This summer I watched as Isaac toiled over potential texts, eventually deciding on the liturgical Latin text to Psalm 100, and listened as he polished rhythms and harmonies. This weekend I sat by his side as the Artists, under Dr. Culloton’s direction, brought “Jubilate Deo” to life. I have had a lot of proud moments in my life; however, few compare to the experience of seeing my boyfriend’s name on a program next to Bach and Tallis and listening to the notes that he worked so hard to perfect echo in the beautiful acoustics of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

I know everyone brags about their significant others, but this guy really is something special.

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