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Posted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 by Katie Beedy

My delicious breakfast (can you tell that I like cinnamon?)

My delicious breakfast (can you tell that I like cinnamon?)

Tuesdays and Thursdays are, by far, the best days of my week this semester. On these days I do not have class until 12:50, meaning I have several hours in the morning to get up and get going. Of course, it would be easy for me to use this late schedule as an excuse to sleep in until 10 or 11 everyday; however, I have forced myself to put those hours to good use. Today has been the perfect example of what an ideal Tuesday/Thursday looks like to me:

First, I got up at 8:45 (after pressing the snooze button three times, much to the annoyance of my roommates). Then, I threw on some sweatpants and my running shoes and made the chilly walk from Brown Hall to Olson Forum. After about forty minutes on the elliptical, I made my way back to Brown for a nice, warm shower. Once I’d washed off all the sweat and gotten dressed, I sat down at my desk to do my daily writing prompt (today’s question: Do you believe the truth always comes out? Has the truth ever set you free?). These moments were all very nice in their own right, but the true highlight of my morning has been sitting down for coffee and oatmeal with my roommate Natalie and our friend, Amanda. This time of breakfast and conversation was  such a pleasant break in what is already shaping up to be a very long week, and now I still have an hour until I have to meet with one of my professors and head to my first class, Investigating and Narrating the News. I’m so grateful for the slow mornings full of coffee, oatmeal, friends, and Don Hertzfeldt quotes (see Post-It in picture) that get me through every week. 🙂

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