The Donut Shirts Are In

Posted on Friday, February 19th, 2016 by Austin Gerth


A couple days ago a package I’ve been waiting a while for finally arrived in my mail. Said package was a t-shirt, rolled up and rubber banded, with a post-it note fixed on top with my mailbox number and name penned on. This wasn’t just any t shirt: it was my official Cobber Sandy’s Donut Club t shirt. I’ve been a supporter of the Donut Club since its inception, following its Facebook and Twitter pages within a day or two of their creation; I even made the trek to its namesake donut shop in downtown Fargo one frigid Friday morning last month for one of the club’s meetings (there’ve only been two meetings so far–it’s pretty low-key, which is probably a good thing for a club built around eating donuts).

The Donut Club was co-founded by my fellow COBBlogger Kelsey Rausch, and it deserves to be supported. Some students tend to only be involved with the kinds of things that will “look good on a resume,” but the Donut Club is an important reminder that not everything is about money or about getting ahead in life. Sometimes it’s best just to sit back, smell the coffee, and eat a donut. Plus, you might get a cool t shirt out of the deal too.

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