Spring Break 2016: Kinda Looks Like Spring

Posted on Saturday, February 20th, 2016 by Austin Gerth


It almost feels like it's time to break out my cactus shirt. (Just kidding -- I wore this year-round.)

It almost feels like it’s time to break out my cactus shirt. (Just kidding — I wore this year-round.)

As I left the Hoyum lot yesterday afternoon my car’s temperature tracker said it was around 55 degrees outside, which explains why I had been way too hot in my winter coat in the morning. Three hours later, as I reached the bottom of the hill that leads down West Branch street off of highway 95 as one enters Princeton, MN, I drove through one of the biggest puddles of snowmelt water I’ve ever seen, practically covering the entire street. Box elder bugs are finding there way into the house. For once, Concordia’s uniquely early Spring Break actually feels quite a bit like Spring, or at least like the beginning of Spring. Granted, it’s still February, and we could see feet of snow in March, but at least it’s pretty nice right now, while I don’t have to worry about going to classes or being anywhere at any particular time except my Thursday afternoon haircut appointment.

What are my plans for this week of break (other than the haircut)? Not much. I’d like to read a book or two (or three) that aren’t required by classes, and, although, I don’t have to go to class on campus this week, I do have a fair amount of homework hanging over my head. So I’ll try to keep up on that a little bit if I can.


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