Fun Facts from Spring Break

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 by Ali Froslie

Isn't this gorgeous?

Isn’t this gorgeous?

Spring break has been wonderful.

Last Saturday my family and I packed up and flew to Arizona where we have spent the majority of our time in a town called Sedona… a wonderful place full of red rock and lots of hikes. I’ve had some homework to do, but I’ve also had time to learn some interesting things about the world! I’ve been reading a book about Octopuses (Octopi is actually incorrect)– The Soul of an Octopus by National Book Award finalist Sy Montgomery, who will be at Concordia in March! I have also been doing some research on the landscape around here, since it is so different from Minnesota. It was rather crazy going from bare trees and snow to desert heat and red rock. Here are some of my favorite bits of knowledge–

1. An octopus can taste with its skin. How crazy would that be? You could high five someone and know what they had for lunch.

2. Most palm trees are not native to Arizona, and yet they are pretty much the first thing you see when you land in Phoenix. The palm trees in the city were imported from elsewhere.

3. Cacti can be up to 90% water!

4. The Saguaro Cacti cannot grow above a certain elevation. They are everywhere around Phoenix, but as you drive north they suddenly disappear.

5. Homemade guacamole is literally the best thing. Go to The Mission in Scottsdale, a historic town just outside of Phoenix, and they will make guacamole in front of you. Best thing ever.


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