Ireland Pt. 5: Galway, Last Day in Dublin

Posted on Saturday, February 27th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

Madeleine and myself pictured outside of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Madeleine and myself pictured outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

While we were in Ireland, we got to see many Cobbers, actually. We met with Alan and his friend in Dublin on our first day in the country, which was a good way to start the trip. Later in the week we would see other fellow Cobbers such as Ashley Westbee, Nicole Westrum, and Lauren Spaeth as well. Starting from Wednesday on to Saturday, though, we were in Galway.

The main reason I wanted to go to Galway was to visit a very specific Cobber, a certain Madeleine DuBore. She’s pretty cool, I guess.

On our first day in Galway, we took a bus into the town from Dublin, and then took a taxi to the Galway Girls’ apartments. We went to see their university, came home, cooked dinner, and then went out for a night at the pubs as a group, which was awesome. I love the live music in Irish pubs.

The rest of the week we stayed in the city. Madeleine and I spent Thursday doing our own stuff, such as going out to dinner, late night pubs, and so on. Friday, though, we all reconvened for one last night, and Madeleine and I went to a place called the Front Door later in the night, which was pretty lively and fun.

Saturday morning we took a bus back to Dublin, went to Trinity College, saw the Book of Kells, went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and went to dinner at another traditional Irish pub. Lastly, we saw the play Juno and the Paycock performed at the Gate Theatre, before I had to send Madeleine back to Galway on her 10 o’clock bus.

This spring break has been the best part of the semester, and probably my favorite spring break of all time!

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