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Posted on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 by Katie Beedy

tumblr_o3fjs5zij01v3wpcao1_1280No matter your age, party affiliation, or political literacy, you cannot deny that this year’s presidential race is a particularly bizarre one. The candidates are as varied a group as you could possibly imagine– a Democratic socialist, a former first lady, a toupee’d  billionaire with a big mouth and a surprisingly big following, and the Zodiac Killer (according to some online conspiracy theorists)– and the debates are filled with unintelligible yelling and finger pointing. Amidst the chaos, Millennials are making their voices heard.

This is the first presidential election that I have been old enough to vote in, and I am doing my best to remain as educated and involved as I possibly can. Last night, I attended the Democratic Super Tuesday caucus at MSUM, and I wasn’t alone– the line to sign in was out the door, and so many Cobbers and Dragons were in attendance that our room ran out of ballots within the first ten minutes of voting. I was ecstatic to see so many familiar faces in one room. Despite our differing opinions about which Democratic candidate would best serve our country, the unity we felt as a generation and as a party was tangible (although, unfortunately, the scent of that many bodies in that small of a room was almost unbearable). I have heard that the Republican caucus at Moorhead High School was also well-attended, and while I do not identify with that party, I am glad to hear that my classmates who do also took the time and effort to go out and vote.

As I sat in my dorm last night and watched caucus results from around the country roll in, I will admit that I was a bit scared. That toupee’d, big-mouthed billionaire dominated on the Republican side, and my less-favored Democratic candidate took some big states of her own. However, when Minnesota’s results went up, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I am proud to be from a state that rose above the Trump fanaticism, and I am proud to go to a school where students make an active attempt to get involved in politics.


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