Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 by Austin Gerth

Civilians, Cobber students, and even professors, mingling in the Ward 3 line at the caucus.

Civilians, Cobber students, and even professors, mingling in the Ward 3 line at the caucus.

Last night I participated in my first-ever caucus to determine a presidential nominee. I attended the Moorhead democratic caucus on the campus of Minnesota State University, and, full disclosure, I voted to nominate Bernie Sanders for the democratic party. It’s looking more and more unlikely that Sanders will be able to secure the nomination over Hillary Clinton, and I felt it was my duty as an engaged citizen to do what little I could about that. (Not that I’ve got any serious grudge against Clinton–I think either she or Sanders would make good candidates for the democratic party, and, with the way the Republican nomination process is going, I think either of them would stand a more than fair chance of winning the eventual general election.)

Over 200 Concordia students attended the democratic caucus (the lines were long), which is a remarkably high turnout considering the normal line about young people and civic engagement is that young people might talk a big talk, but when it’s crunch time we don’t actually get out and vote. But the rub there is that our collective status as demographic that doesn’t vote (and therefore doesn’t need to be catered toward in order to win) actually makes us a powerful and unpredictable voting bloc when we do show up to the polls in force. If you didn’t caucus last night, no worries, but I recommend you participate in future caucuses if you can, and think long and hard about which party or parties you affiliate yourself with (and to what degree you affiliate yourself). The political establishment doesn’t really know what to do with us, and there’s a certain kind of power in that, but at the same time our voices will not be heard if we do not make them heard.

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