Another Hitler Discussion

Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

A photo of our class discussion taken via Snapchat.

A photo of our class discussion, taken via Snapchat.

It seems to be every political science professor’s favorite topic. Adolf Hitler, and his reign in Germany, is a topic frequently discussed throughout all of the political science courses. On a (usually) weekly basis, Hitler, or something about his reign in Germany will come up in one of my classes. This week was no different.

Funnily enough, our Hitler discussion was in conjunction with Donald Trump. The class is on the topic of Comparative Politics, in which we find similarities and differences between not only political leaders, but countries, political systems, political institutions, etc. This is not the first time, either, that Hitler has been mentioned in the same discussion as Donald Trump.

Obviously, Donald Trump has committed nowhere near the crimes that Adolf Hitler did. That much should be abundantly clear. Rather, we compare their rhetoric, and their stances on illegal immigration, minority populations, and so on. I won’t reveal too much information on what we discussed in class, but it’s fair to say that we found a few similarities.

During these discussions, though, there is always at least one person who looks towards me when Hitler’s name is mentioned. That is one occurrence which never fails to arise. This Hitler discussion, though, was slightly different, and it felt satisfying that we could use our skills learned in the class to apply comparative politics to contemporary politics.

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