It’s Crunch Time

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch

For most majors, simply graduating is enough to make you eligible to have a job. For some, however, additional exams and applications have to be taken and submitted before you can even apply for jobs or internships! That is definitely the case for education majors. Before we even get to this point in senior year, we have to have taken and passed 3 basic teacher exams. Now, in senior year, we have to take and pass an additional 2 exams! One exam in pedagogy and one in our content area.  I have my exams scheduled for late March so now is the crunch time where I need to start studying and taking practice tests so I can ace the exams on the first try! In addition to the exams, we also have to get our fingerprints taken at the Moorhead Police Station! Not exactly sure why we need to have our fingerprints taken but it’s required to get licensed as a teacher, so to the police station I go! After all of those things get taken care, I have to graduate. So I can’t apply for my license until that process is done! On top of all that, school districts are starting to post their jobs this month so I’ve got to start applying soon! Lots of exciting (and scary) things on the horizon but lots of great things to look forward to!

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