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Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 by Austin Gerth

Here's an omelette I made the other day.

Here’s an omelette I made the other day.

This week an omelette bar made its debut in Anderson Commons, and hopefully it will come as no surprise to anybody that I’m a big fan. I’ve made myself four omelettes since it showed up on Monday or Tuesday; they’ve all been fantastic.

Making an omelette is pretty simple. There’s a selection of toppings arrayed in containers, and there are little four ounce cups to measure them in. Then there are pre-scrambled eggs in the same sort of pitcher things they keep the waffle batter in by the waffle makers, and there’s a pre-heated omelette maker, which basically works like a waffle iron, only it’s totally flat on the inside and not very deep. You spread your desired toppings around the bottom half of the pan, then you pour on egg, careful not to overflow the pan, and you close the lid and set the timer. An omelette takes three and a half minutes to make.

In my brief time as a DS omelette connoisseur, I’ve found that it’s very easy to tell apart the students who have and have not read the omelette maker’s relatively easy-to-follow instructions. The first step specifically says to wait until the omelette is cooked before putting cheese on it (so that there doesn’t end up being a bunch of cheese cooked onto the pan), but time and again I see people putting cheese in their little pre-measured cup of toppings. So far I haven’t been witness to any genuine cheese-disasters, but still, if you’re going to use our brand new communal omelette maker, it’d be cool if you maybe read the instructions. It’s ultimately just as effective to spread cheese on your finished omelette and then fold it over — the cheese melts practically instantaneously.

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