Just the Würst

Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 by Austin Gerth


I’m like half or three quarters of German descent, but I don’t always wear that background on my sleeve. Tonight was a mild exception, however: Rachel and I went out to a place in downtown Fargo called Würst Bier Hall, where the menu is largely comprised of various types of würst, also known as sausage, one of the foods most indelibly linked to Germany throughout history. I ordered an elk sausage with jalapeño. (I would have ordered a sausage made of rabbit and rattlesnake, but it happened to be the most expensive item on the menu, and we had already decided to get an appetizer.) The food was good, and the prices were reasonable (even the rattlesnake sausage was under $10). The TV screens throughout the place play old music videos, so you can watch Whitney Houston get a katana lesson from Kevin Costner in the “I Will Always Love You” video while you wait on your würst. It’s great.

The excursion allowed me to get just in touch enough with my German heritage — I didn’t order the usual sauerkraut on my sausage, and I was thoroughly confused by an attempt at describing what spaetzle is. I can only do German my American way.

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