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Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 by Ali Froslie

Lots of different colored robes will be donned during these next few weeks!

Lots of different colored robes will be donned during these next few weeks!

It’s practically Christmas in choir land!

No, I don’t mean that we are already starting on Christmas music for next year. That would be extreme, even for us. 🙂 What I do mean– the next three weekends (including this one) hold a choir concert. It’s a very exciting time to be a choir student!

Tomorrow, the Concordia Choir will perform their home concert after touring around Eastern United States for two weeks! From what I have been seeing on social media, they have been singing in some crazy beautiful churches and having a grand old time. I am sure they have blessed many, many people with their glorious sound, and I look forward to hearing them myself tomorrow. I am always blown away with their music making.

Next weekend, on March 13 is the Three Choirs Concert. At this concert, you will hear Bel Canto (upper level women’s choir), Mannerchor (freshmen, plus some upperclassmen, men’s choir), and Cantabile (freshmen woman’s choir– proud alumn!). I had a blast performing in this concert last year, and I am sure the performers this year will as well. I have heard all three choirs perform in the fall concert and during the Christmas concerts, and let me tell you, they are all phenomenal as well. This is also not a concert to miss!

On March 20, the Chapel Choir will be performing our home concert after a few days of touring around Minnesota. I’m so excited; full disclosure, we have some really fun songs we are bringing on tour, plus some crazy talented soloists. We’ve been having a lot of fun learning the pieces, and I am so looking forward to sharing the music with others!

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