A Trip to Sioux Falls

Posted on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch

the girls outside the falls!

the girls outside the falls!

I have been so excited for this weekend to come ever since we picked it randomly at the beginning of the semester. This weekend is the weekend that my current roomies and I go to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to visit our old roommate, Shannon, who graduated last year! Since graduation, she has gotten a job at a business firm in Sioux Falls (her original hometown) and bought a house! That’s right. She did the most adult thing ever and actually bought a house. And it’s not like a college house that’s run-down and outdated, it’s actually a really nice house that was just refinished before she bought it! So when she invited us to come to Sioux Falls to visit her, my roommates and I were extremely excited to see her in her new adult life! Also, even though we have two great new roomies, our house is just not the same without Shannon so we were all really excited to just see her! So one might ask (we definitely did ask Shannon…) what one does in Sioux Falls? Well, Shannon was a little stumped at first, but upon our arrival last night, she rattled off many things that we are going to do today! One of the things may just be a tour of the Hyvee grocery store but Shannon worked there all through high school and wanted to show us her favorite grocery store! I don’t mind. It was just lots of fun to see Shannon in her new adult life and her beautiful house!!

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