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Posted on Thursday, March 10th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch

Just fresh faces ready to explore the world and the Cobber community.

Just fresh faces ready to explore the world and the Cobber community.

For some reason, one of the most commonly asked question among Cobbers is, “why did you decide to come here?” And, most often than not, students have very specific answers ready to share about why Concordia College was the right fit for them. Just this morning, my boss asked me and my friend what were the two main reasons we decided to come to Concordia. Without much hesitation, we answered with pretty much the same answers. The answers I gave were as follows:


1. I came to Concordia because it’s emphasis on getting students to study abroad in unparalleled in the Midwest.  A huge percentage of students on campus study abroad for at least an exploration seminar (9 days, typically) but many also study abroad for an entire semester! Hearing about their focus on getting students out into the world to experience things beyond the Midwest. Personally, I love to travel and this was a huge reason I decided that Concordia was the place for me.


2. Secondly, but just as important as the first reason, I came to Concordia because of the atmosphere of the school.There is something to be said for small school atmospheres that you just can’t replicate at a larger university. On campus, you feel noticed. You feel like you matter. Professors notice when you’re gone from class and sincerely worry about your health and family situations if something is wrong. You walk down the sidewalk and you see people you know everywhere. I guarantee you can’t walk down the sidewalk during a sunny day at Concordia without at least one person greeting you and asking how you are doing. It’s awesome! I could feel this atmosphere during my on-campus tour and my gut instincts were correct!

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