A Visit From Brian Newhouse

Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2016 by Katie Beedy

Brian Newhouse, featuring the tasty breakfast that was provided for us.

Brian Newhouse, featuring the tasty breakfast that was provided for us.

Today has been a good day for the journalist, musician, and public radio nerd in me. Brian Newhouse, Managing Director of Minnesota Public Radio’s classical programming, has been on campus holding sessions and visiting classrooms for the last two days. This morning he held a session in the Offutt School of Business to tell students about opportunities with MPR and offer advice about making it in the workforce after graduation. About fifteen students, myself included, sat in Grant 114 and ate breakfast pastries while Brian gave us a bit of a rundown of what it looks like to work at MPR.

I was absolutely enthralled. I have started listening to MPR News almost religiously in the last year– it’s pretty much the only radio station that I can get all the way from Moorhead to Sartell– and I have tossed around the idea of working for public radio at some point in my future. I was scribbling his words in my notebook for the entire hour. He has played several roles within MPR, but I took the most interest in the time he spent as a reporter. On the importance of writing, he had this to say: “There is always a demand for a well-written sentence, a well-written paragraph, a well-written page.”

And his #1 piece of advice for getting ahead in the workforce? “Be nice.”

It was also very exciting to hear that Brian is developing an internship program with Classical MPR for this summer. While the internship will be open to the public, he is working with Concordia’s Career Center staff to make sure that Cobbers hear about it first. Keep checking Handshake for more information!

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