The Sounds of Spring

Posted on Friday, March 11th, 2016 by Austin Gerth


The title I’ve given this blog post probably brings specific things to mind: birds, the whir of a frisbee cutting through newly warm air, or neighborhood dogs barking. But what I’ve got in mind myself when I say “sounds of spring” is actually just a couple of scrappy punk albums I’ve been listening to over and over since the weather started getting nice and the sun came out these last couple days. At spring’s first blush my Spotify account immediately gets sunnier and louder, in a total dry run for summer; Moorhead’s best under sunlight, and something about it just makes me wanna listen to “Santeria,” by Sublime, and others of its ilk. Here’s a little about a few albums that’ve been soundtracking my spring:

Higher Power, by The Dirty Nil (2016): Just very loud rock and roll from three guys from Ontario. Their main vocalist, Luke Bentham, possesses a voice that switches on a dime from a nasal croon to a raspy wail.

White Reaper Does It Again, by White Reaper (2015): Another energetic rock group, this one spikes their songs with circus-like organ and deceptively complex guitar solos.

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, by M83 (2011): Less summery than just really really big, the eighties-influenced sounds of this album filled a lot of movie trailers and car ads my last year of high school. I’m half a decade late to the party, but the minutes-long dramatic crescendo of its opener (appropriately titled “Intro”) feels more than appropriate for the breathless rush of the final weeks of my final academic year.

Sung Tongs, by Animal Collective (2004): Tonight my friend Nahaylem and I walked into downtown Fargo and went to a game shop and the local independent record store, Orange Records. While there I bought this album. Animal Collective are now about as big a band as weird as they are can hope to be (which still isn’t that big — they’re really weird), but on this album they’re pleasingly humble. The songs, which mix rich, chant-like vocal harmonies, acoustic instruments and found sounds, and loads of sound manipulation, sound like the serene folk music of some possible future.


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