Spring Has Sprung

Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 by Ali Froslie

The courtyard does not look like this anymore!

The courtyard does not look like this anymore!

I can look outside my dorm room and see people playing Frisbee in the courtyard.

It is when you see that that you know spring has finally sprung.

We’ve been blessed with some really nice weather here in Minnesota, despite the fact that it is still early March. The transition from winter to spring always seems to happen more quickly than the transition from fall to winter, at least in my opinion. During September, October, November, people start to slowly break out their sweaters and boots– an extra layer one day and another the next week. However, the second the weather gets above 40 degrees in March, April, or May, it seems people immediately break out shorts and abandon coats. I can be wearing a sweater one day, and a t shirt the next. One day people can be cuddling in front of the fireplace, and the next be out biking and roller blading.

This is what makes spring in Minnesota so exhilarating. I love seeing dozens of people re-exploring the outdoors on the first day of spring-like weather. I love seeing Birkenstocks being reintroduced to the streets and dresses losing their legging companions. Yes, winter is my favorite season, and I am a little bit sad to see it go. But, I am excited to run around outside and finally smell the earth in the air again. To go on a walk or not– that is the new question.

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