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Posted on Friday, March 4th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron

12809562_10153243072376783_1083937510289371932_nMany people have asked me over the course of tour, “How are you able to focus each and every night after a long travel day and sing the same music every night?” There are many things which can help when singing a two-hour concert night after night. The first is a great audience. If there is an audience whom is expressive and engaged in what you are singing, you as a performer will feel it in the air, and this does wonders to a person’s energy levels. Sometimes the choir as a whole goes a little loopy and everyone is excited to sing that night. Mostly what it boils down to for me is the message we are trying to spread to our audience. There is not necessarily one message for the whole choir to focus on, but rather it is about making the message your own. My message, and one I draw regularly on, is the power of music. Music can take us on a journey, music can focus us on one particular moment in time, and music can even draw out our emotions in just a measure or two. Each and every choir member has his or her own message to share, and when we all stand together at night to perform, we are hoping to touch each and every person.

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