Spring Season

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

A picture of myself next to our newly-acquired, life-sized bobblehead of Will Hughes. Photo credit to Ben Deetz.

A picture of myself next to our newly-acquired, life-sized bobblehead of Will Hughes. Photo credit to Ben Deetz.

Spring has–maybe–started to finally make its way around to the Fargo/Moorhead Area, and with it comes a host of challenges for collegiate soccer athletes. First of all, we are all coming up to our last few weeks of the semester, meaning that most of us have numerous lengthy assignments with due dates just around the corner. However, for the soccer team, specifically, we have spring season beginning this week.

For the Concordia College men’s soccer team, spring season isn’t super serious or strenuous. While we obviously want to get out, train, and play to the highest level possible during the few weeks we have left, we try to keep the atmosphere light and friendly–but still competitive. We had the first of our seven practices this Tuesday, and it seemed to go pretty well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate, as I have developed plantar fasciitis on my right foot, which is taking quite some time to heal. There seemed to be a good mixture of enjoyment and competitiveness which resulted in a productive-but-fun practice.

We also got a life-sized bobblehead of Will Hughes, a professional soccer player in England for Derby County, which was pretty neat. Our head coach is trying to get somebody from the art department to repaint it as a cobber soccer player so that we can have more cobber decor in our locker room. Spring (if it is truly Spring, anyways) is bringing some pretty cool things our way.

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