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Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

A photo of the tryout from a couple of weeks ago. Photo credit to Dakota Fusion.

A photo of the tryout from a couple of weeks ago. Photo credit to Dakota Fusion.

As I wrote in a previous blog, spring season has brought a lot of new things back into my schedule, and one of those very prominent things is soccer. Apart from Concordia’s spring season finally beginning, there has been the establishment of another semi-professional soccer team in Fargo, namely the Dakota Fusion. The tryout was already held a couple of weeks ago, and I made the final cut. There are supposed to be three training sessions which are going to be held from the beginning to the middle of April, though, which makes things difficult for me.

Personally, I need to rest my plantar fasciitis-afflicted foot, which has been in some pain for quite some time now. Even just playing at the tryout caused it to flare up quite a bit, so I’m at a bit of a tough point here. Do I go to the three training sessions, and risk aggravating the injury further, just so that I can play on the team over the summer? In doing so, I might not be able to play over the summer, if I cause the injury to flare up any more than it already has.I guess we’ll figure that out in the upcoming weeks.

The experience would be pretty great, though. Playing on a high-level team on a weekly basis would certainly help me stay fit and sharp going in to my senior season at Concordia. Hopefully it all works out so that I can make the most of the summer, and prepare for the final year ahead of me.

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