St. Paddy’s Day Parade

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Ben Deetz

A picture of Emily and I downtown at the parade.

A picture of Emily and I downtown at the parade.

This past Saturday, there was a St. Paddy’s day parade in downtown Fargo. If you’re 21 or over, there was also a pub crawl you could attend. Being as that is not me, I know nothing about the pub crawl. I was however, downtown for the parade. I originally was planning on going downtown to eat at Rhombus Guys with Emily, as she was really craving a slice of their creamy alfredo pizza. In a moment of utter and total unawareness, I didn’t connect that there was both a pub crawl and the parade going on downtown and that all businesses would be packed. As a result, the wait to get into Rhombus Guys was around two and a half hours, so we opted to pop into Spicy Pie and get a slice to go instead. Although we hadn’t planned on it, we decided to stick around for part of the parade since the weather was so nice. The only issue was I hadn’t worn green since I didn’t remember the parade was going on that day, and as a result was the only person not wearing green for miles. It ended up being a pretty fun spontaneous time, and I look forward to coming back more prepared next year.

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