One Last Chance at Redemption

Posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 by Ben Deetz

The schedule for the last week of intramural basketball.

The schedule for the last week of intramural basketball.

In intramural basketball here at Concordia, playoffs are approaching fast. They start next week already, as its the last week for regular season games. It’s been a long season for my team, the Swaggy Peas. We haven’t won a game yet, and have lost twice in overtime. We haven’t ever really been blown out however, we just can’t seem to catch a break and win a game.  This year there was only two leagues- A and B. Previously, there was an A, B, and C league. We were in the C league which was nice, but with less teams participating it made sense to only have two leagues this year. That being said, there has been a lot more competition this year as a result of the larger B league. As a result of all of this and some unfortunate streaks of play, the Swaggy peas are winless as I said earlier. I’m fairly certain that all teams make playoffs, but we will obviously be the lowest seed given our record. If we win our last game we could possibly climb a spot higher, but either way we will be playing a very high seeded team. Playing a high seeded time could mean we lose out fairly early on, so I hope to win our final regular season game at least so that we can end the season with at least one win.

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