South Dakota and Snow

Posted on Thursday, March 24th, 2016 by Ben Deetz

The interstate driving conditions on the way home for Easter Break.

The interstate driving conditions on the way home for Easter Break.

Both times I’ve come home to South Dakota since starting the second semester of school, there has been heavy snow storm. It’s somewhat strange considering usually the Fargo Moorhead area is colder and has more snow than Sioux Falls in my experience. Both times I have came home, the weather has made driving on the interstate quite difficult and dangerous. For a majority of the drive both times, there was very little or no snow for a majority of the drive, up until about Brookings. Then things changed rather suddenly, and  the roads became icy with snow blowing across the road and also covering the lines on the road, leading to very difficult driving. Luckily I made it without any serious issues both times, safely arriving at home a little later than usual as traffic was slowed way down. As strange as the quick transitions from spring feeling weather back and forth with the freezing sting of winter weather is in Fargo, it’s even more strange in Sioux Falls. It can go from 60 degrees one day to having a blizzard the next. I brought home some shoes to play basketball in, anticipating a pickup game outside with my friends, but it appears I won’t be needing them.

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