Making Some Upgrades

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron

Snapchat-5391637672290744243Before the season even starts, I am making some upgrades to my road bike in hopes that I will be able to push myself further and harder while on long trips. The first upgrade I have made to my road bike has been to purchase new pedals. The new pedals are made of metal, unlike my plastic ones which came on the bike my I bought it, and have two options I am able to use while riding them. The first option is to ride normally with any sport shoe of my choice. The second option is to ride with clips. Clips are placed on the bottom of a pair of biking shoes and they allow a biker to clip into their pedals. There are many benefits which can happen when a rider “clips” into their bike. It allows them to use all of their leg motion to move the bike forward. Most recreational bikers who hop on a bike only think about the downward motion of their legs when peddling. However, there is also the upward motion which can most easily be achieved when a biker is attached to their peddles. This upward motion also changes the strain placed on a muscles and allow a biker to go further distances. The second upgrade I have made to my bike is to buy proper biking shoes. These shoes hold the clips, which attach to the pedals, and for me specifically, they will keep my arches from hurting while peddling.

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