Stop Teasing Us!

Posted on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

The view from our back window, which actually look kind of nice with the snow. I just don't want it there anymore.

The view from our back window, which actually look kind of nice with the snow. I just don’t want it there anymore.

Winter just doesn’t want to see to leave, unfortunately. Over Easter break, there has been yet another day which has blessed us–though I’m not sure blessed is the correct term–with another day of snow. It’s getting kind of old at this point.

After the few days of sunshine and 60+ degree weather we got a couple of weeks ago, I’ve never really been satisfied with this nonsense weather that Moorhead keeps throwing our way. Just when you think it’s all gone…the snow finds a way back. All i’m asking is for the the weather to stop teasing us.

After another nice day on Sunday (it is predicted to be 50+) degrees, we will apparently be receiving another few days of cold, after which the weather is supposed to warm up again. I’d really just like mother nature to pick a side, finally.

I want to be able to go outside in a sweater–at the very most–and walk to class without having to bundle up like an Eskimo. I feel like, at this point in the year, I’m not asking too much. It’s coming up really close to April, with less than a month until school is over. If we could get a few warm days of class that would be awesome.

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