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Posted on Saturday, March 26th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

Ben Deetz and I tried to do the Easter Egg by ourselves the other night. We were unsuccessful.

Ben Deetz and I tried to do the Easter Egg by ourselves the other night. We were unsuccessful.

Teammate, friend, roommate, and fellow Cobblogger Ben Deetz and I have been working very hard recently. We have been trying to complete what is known in video games as an “Easter Egg,” which is a hidden feature in a video game, aimed to keep consistent players interested in other aspects of the game. Rather than staying stuck on one certain part of the game, then, the creators give you a hidden challenge, which is usually fairly difficult to accomplish, but is very rewarding.

The Easter Egg we have been attempting to finish, though, is just becoming a nuisance at this point. We’ve tried multiple times now, with a number of players ranging from two to four, and are still left empty-handed. It probably seems to most outside observers that this would be a pretty minuscule thing to become frustrated over. In all honesty, that’s probably a fair point. However, for a house full of gamers, to consistently fail at something that you really want to accomplish is just annoying.

None of this means that we will be giving up any time soon, though. We absolutely will give it another shot once everybody reconvenes at campus, and we will keep trying until we achieve what we set out to do a couple of weeks ago. I will report back with results soon, hopefully.

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