Card Games & Qingming

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch

Dr. Watkin sorting cards!

Dr. Watkin sorting cards!

I’ve blogged before about how being at a small private college means that college professors have more freedom and creativity in the way that they present class material. This morning, I had two super cool class experiences that definitely enriched my educational experience and I wanted to share them with you.

Qingming- At about 9:30am, I shuffled over to the Prairie Home Cemetery near campus to participate in Qingming for my East Asian Religions class. In many East Asian countries, on whatever day that the Spring Equinox lands, families visit the family gravesite to sweep off the graves and offer food, tea, and news of the family to their ancestors. It is believed that communication with ancestors is more easily done during Spring Equinox. So to better understand this process, we did Qingming on people buried at the local cemetery. It was super cool to actually experience something that we have discussed in class!

Card Games- In my Jane Austen class, we had a lot of fun playing card games that related to Jane Austen. In many of Austen’s books, the characters play card games to occupy their time. One of the games that they commonly played was charades. Their kind of charades was a lot different than the kind of charades we play today, though. Theirs involves riddles that people solve. So Dr. Watkin found really cool charade riddles about Jane Austen characters and it was a cool challenge to solve them! I kind’ve wish we played that kind of charades today!

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