Another Chelsea Game

Posted on Monday, April 18th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

Ben Deetz and I signed up for presale, so that we could get tickets before the general sale went public.

Ben Deetz and I signed up for presale, so that we could get tickets before the general sale went public.

As it turns out, I will be seeing another Chelsea Football Club game this summer. Ben Deetz, friend and fellow Cobblogger, noticed through an online advertisement that Chelsea are coming to Minneapolis to play A.C. Milan, an Italian professional club. We just bought our tickets today and ended up with some really good seats.

On a bigger scale, I’m very excited for the summer as a whole. Going back to Germany, sister graduating, watching another Chelsea game, going to Rock im Park again: they’re all going to be good fun. It’s just such a shame that I have all of these things concretely planned and we haven’t even finished the academic year yet.

The Chelsea game will be fun though. I watched them play last summer when we were in London, where they played a game against Fiorentina (another professional Italian club). Chelsea lost 1-0 on that night, unfortunately.

I’m not sure what will happen this summer in terms of the final score. After enduring their worst season in a very long time, the club is due for some player and staff restructuring, meaning that there may well be a whole new team identitiy come the summer. Chelsea already have a new manager in place for the coming season, and there will be player movement in and out of the club. Though I don’t know for sure what kind of Chelsea I’ll be watching, it will certainly be a blast to watch my favorite team play again. Especially when it’s on U.S. soil this time.

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