$17,392 of Miracles

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch

12718191_10154340899204341_8106326218959094219_nLast Saturday, Concordia Dance Marathon revealed our total amount of dollars raised over the past year. This total was a surprise to all of us except for the two accounting chairs who counted the money and totaled it up for us. There is something to be said of working tirelessly an entire year for a great cause and being rewarded by finding out that all of your hard work paid off in spades. On Saturday, we hosted our Big Event…Cobberthon! Cobberthon is a 12 hour event where we stay on our feet the entire time, dancing, running, walking, and working out to raise awareness of the Children’s Miracle Network and all of the great work it does for children with diseases and cancer. We also spend the entire day trying to raise more money for the kids by holding events like ping pong tourneys and Battle of the Bands! Another thing we do to raise money is “put people in jail”. In order to put someone in jail, you have to pay the guards $5 and then in order to get the person out of jail, you bail them out for $10! So each time someone went into jail, we’d raise around $15! At the end of battle of the bands, we revealed our total to ourselves and the audience and we were floored to see just how much money we raised for the kids!

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