Wurst Bier Hall

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 by Ben Deetz

A view of my meal

A view of my meal

If you happened to see Sage’s blog, than you already saw that we cobbloggers all went out for a nice dinner together at a place in Downtown Fargo called Wurst Bier Hall. If you didn’t see his blog then now you know. It was my first trip to the Wurst Bier Hall and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon arriving and checking out the menu it was pretty clear they had some cool unique dishes you cold order and there was a pretty bug emphasis on different alcoholic beverages as well. We all know beer is a pretty important part of German culture, and the Wurst Bier Hall definitely has that aspect covered. Being as I’m not 21, my blog will instead focus on the food aspect. I ordered the spaetzle mac and cheese and got a rattlesnake and rabbit meat wurst for my side. I had never eaten rabbit or rattlesnake, and certainly not both of them mixed together, so I was excited to try the wurst. Once the food came and I had my first bite of the spaetle and the wurst, I knew I had made the right choice. The food was very delicious and the exotic wurst was great. I’ll be going back to the Wurst Bier Hall again for sure.

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